Monday, September 24, 2007

Link Building

Link building, done correct & without cause the search engines to thinking you are doing sometime wrong, can go to the right anchor text into SERP ranking.

Anchor text attract Search Engines spiders on the Internet just as juicy flies pull in arachnids for sticky web based feast.

That competitive research is at your fingertip. A visit to Google to look for, or to MSN or Yahoo's Site Explorer to seek out can help.

Link Building Key Points

1. Create a semantic agreement between anchor text and target pages
2. Use the major search engines to research links
3. Use more than one source to find keywords
4. Use common sense, not just computer data, when selecting keywords
5. Stick to key phrases of three words or less
6. Track internal site searches, Mine your site's logfiles
7. Looking 4 good keyword choice for your online ad campaign?
8. Use secondary domains or subdomains with keywords in the visible URL line
9. Highlight user reviews in your ads
10.Use superlatives and mainstream references
11.Numbers and symbols can draw attention to your ads
12.Use traditional SEO tactics on landing pages
13.Look for "long tail" searches in your referral data
14.Check and recheck existing campaigns
15.Make use of consumer- generated media
16.Optimize through social media
17.Investigate the idea of human filtered search to improve search accuracy
18.Offer customers control through customization


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